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Talking About Car Accident Cases

Hi there, I am Raine Cruze. I would like to use this site to talk about the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney after an accident. Car accidents often leave people with broken bones and various soft tissue injuries. Furthermore, car accidents take a financial toll due to lost wages, medical bills and property damage. An attorney can help people obtain compensation for those losses by pursuing the responsible party. I will talk about the various ways attorneys help their clients by pursuing payment. I will also focus on the ways a car accident can bankrupt an individual if the injured party does not seek compensation. Thanks.

3 Things Not To Say After An Auto Accident

Being involved in an auto accident can also mean being involved in an insurance claim that you definitely want to avoid taking to court if you can. Getting it resolved quickly is going to be more ideal, but you also want to ensure that you receive proper compensation if you were not at fault for the accident. One way to ensure that you are not taken advantage of is to be sure that you do not say these three things after being involved in a car accident:

"I'm so Sorry."

You never want to say you are sorry after being involved in a car accident. The problem with this is that it can be used against you since it admits fault in the situation. Some people feel obligated to say sorry even if it wasn't their fault because it's the polite thing to do, but it's actually much better to bite your tongue and just ask if they are okay and then deal with all the details, such as taking pictures of damages, calling an ambulance if needed, and gathering witness statements. 

"I Think So."

You never want to answer any questions with "I think," or "I think so," because this is much too general. This can also be used against you because if you're not sure then you aren't a credible source for information. Instead, answer with "I don't know" if you truly do not know the answer. This is more specific and shows that you are honest about recalling the information about the incident, so you are more likely being honest about the other information that you do know. 

"I'm Okay."

Never say that you are okay because this is going to be used against you if you end up claiming that you have some kind of injury. Instead, you want to answer with "I don't know" when asked if you are hurt or you want to be honest and say that you are hurt. It's always best to leave your doctor to bring up this information with your auto accident attorney who can relay that message to the insurance company in order to come up with a fair compensation amount. 

When you avoid making these statements, it's much more difficult to use your claim against you. This way, you are much more likely to receive the compensation amount that you are looking for. If you aren't sure how to handle the discussion between yourself and the insurance company, you should have your auto accident attorney do this for you so that you do not make any other statements that could be used against you.