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Talking About Car Accident Cases

Hi there, I am Raine Cruze. I would like to use this site to talk about the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney after an accident. Car accidents often leave people with broken bones and various soft tissue injuries. Furthermore, car accidents take a financial toll due to lost wages, medical bills and property damage. An attorney can help people obtain compensation for those losses by pursuing the responsible party. I will talk about the various ways attorneys help their clients by pursuing payment. I will also focus on the ways a car accident can bankrupt an individual if the injured party does not seek compensation. Thanks.

Motorcycle Accidents And Racing: What Matters

There is a significant difference between a casual motorcycle ride on a weekend afternoon and a high-speed ride during a race. Given the differences between these scenarios, it's easy to surmise that an accident in either of these arenas would likely differ from one another. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident during a racing event, learn what type of challenges you could face as you process your injury claim.

Racing Event

The first thing to consider when it comes to an accident that is the result of a motorcycle-racing event is the type of race that is taking place. Motorcycle races typically occur in one of two ways; a street race or a licensed racing event. Which type of race you participate in will affect your ability to seek compensation. 

Street Racing

If the accident is the result of a street race and you are the driver of the accident, your road to recover any damages for your injuries is very narrow, if at all passable. Many insurance companies have clauses embedded in their policies that automatically absolve them off responsibility when an illegal action is the reason behind the policy holder's accident. Street races are illegal in every state. 

Keep in mind; if you were hit by a motorcyclist that was participating in a street race, you have every right to seek compensation, as you were not participating in the illegal event, whether it be from your own insurance policy or the motorcyclist's policy.

Legal Racing Event

On the other hand, if you are injured during a legal race, such as one that takes place on a closed track, your path to compensation is different. First, provided you have racing coverage, such as a motorsports insurance policy, you can file a claim against your own insurance company to cover the cost of your damages. 

However, if you do not and the cause of the accident is directly linked to an issue with the track, such as poor conditions, you should be able to file a claim against the organization that is sponsoring the event. Any professional organization that sponsors a race will have special insurance coverage to protect participants in the event of an accident. 

When it comes to motorcycle accidents that take place during a race, there are many variables that can affect how an injury claim is handled. For this reason, it's critical you speak to a motorcycle accident attorney to ensure your rights are protected and your case is handled correctly.